Juan David Sanchez Guzman
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My Biography

Juan David Sanchez Guzman

My name is Juan David Sanchez Guzman
I born on 4 march 1997 in the Espinal,
I have a 15 years.
I'm in grade 11-3 in the institution educational San Isidoro.
I am a great companion and a good son,
I have known for being an very student. I am angry and moody,
but in turn I am responsible, committed and punctual.
I want to be a great civil engineer and have a big family.

My Family

Live in LA CHAMBA with my mother
my grandmother, mi sister and my brother,
Paula cristina Sanchez Guzman
and Miguel Angel Sanchez Guzman.
my pet is a dog named nacho.

My Hobby

I like listening to music and play.
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My Group Of Friends

In The house

Vanessa Moya, Julian Andres,
Jhonatan Eduardo, Marcela Avilez,
Hector Fabio, mi brother

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